Being early is not a problem we have that often, as Steve seems to think that time stops and waits for him until he is ready! When I’m in charge we tend to get there too early. You’d think that after all these years we would be somewhere in the middle and actually arrive on time. I’ll let you know if it ever happens!

The Birthday List

Cazs birthday

I went with this strip from Carole’s book of scripts because it was nice and easy to draw! It also made sense to have Caz’s birthday close to the anniversary of when we started.*

Happy Saturday, Steve

*It’s also ages to Carole’s birthday, so she has plenty of time to get her own list ready

Who says romance is dead?

who says romance is dead

I wrote this last year, after one of our not-so-successful shopping trips. This weekend seemed like a good time to use it.

When you have been together for a long time, love tends to be less hearts and flowers and more: What’s for dinner? (Him), or Is THAT what you’re wearing ? (Me). So it’s important to remember to celebrate the special occasions if you can. Happy Valentine’s Day all!!

I know what I like…

I know what I like

Steve and I have very different agendas when we visit a museum or a gallery. Steve feels compelled to read EVERY word on display, no matter how long it takes. I, on the other hand am always working my way towards the restaurant, and of course, the gift shop! In the words of David Tennant’s Dr Who “Oh, they’ve got a shop!” Always the perfect way to finish the trip!

Caz is now nine months old! Long enough to have a baby, and there has indeed been a new baby added to the cast. Hopefully, Baby Jemma will make more appearances in the next few weeks.