Queen of Munchkin!

Queen of Munchkin

Steve is super competitive when it comes to games – he wouldn’t even let the kids win when they were little! I am fairly rubbish at games, so when I find one that I can play – and win – I have to make the most of it! I also used to be the Queen of Dragon Dice and had an impressive army of Coral Elves, but for some reason, nobody wanted to play anymore!!

(Steve is convinced that no one else will have heard of Munchkin or Dragon Dice, so I would be grateful for any comments to prove him wrong!)

Decorating AGAIN?

Decorating again

If you answer the front door wearing paint covered clothes, people assume they’ve called whilst you are really busy, and tend not chat for too long. This is useful if you get a lot of salesmen knocking on your door. Almost worth keeping a set of clothes in the hall! Anyway (picks up paint brush) I must get on…