Another one bites the dust…

kids tv

What can I say? I’m a very emotional person! I cry during TV adverts sometimes, and I cannot sing a Christmas carol all the way through either – too many memories of school nativity plays perhaps? (Although, our kids never got the good parts, did they Nic?)

Still, poor old Bing Bong ( and his really annoying song). He deserved a better ending. From ‘Inside Out’, just in case you were wondering!


Ps Should mention that Peppa Pig also has a song titled “The Bing Bong Song”. Small world!

The Birthday List

Cazs birthday

I went with this strip from Carole’s book of scripts because it was nice and easy to draw! It also made sense to have Caz’s birthday close to the anniversary of when we started.*

Happy Saturday, Steve

*It’s also ages to Carole’s birthday, so she has plenty of time to get her own list ready

Wasted Smiles

Wasted Smiles

You know the expression “Smile and the world smiles with you”? Well not so much in my experience! I smile at people when I’m out, only to be met, quite often, with a glare or blank-faced indifference.

Steve and I have started talking about all the wasted smiles and this was his response. Sorry Tinkerbell!

Tooled Up…


This week it is Caz’s one year anniversary, and also, this is our 100th comic strip. Thank you everyone for following, commenting, liking and supporting our efforts!

I do indeed have my own tool box – it’s not as fancy as Caz’s unfortunately, but I am quite protective of it. Our tool collection came on in leaps and bounds once I took over all the DIY. Shopping for tools is still shopping, after all!