The Game..

The Game!

Sooo… it’s time for Euro 2016, a whole 30 days of football. I would say that I’ll be in the garden if you need me, but having just been drenched (again) by another thunderstorm, I’ll probably just buy some ear plugs to deaden the noise of Steve’s enthusiastic supporting!




Navigating a tricky situation…

Hire Care

What? I thought that was what the passenger seat was for- otherwise why do I always fall asleep the minute I sit in one?

Sadly we have not been on any jolly holidays but have been embroiled in the hell that is re-decorating the kitchen. Thankfully we have finished now- and without going anywhere near the divorce courts!

For anyone lucky enough to be going away- we hope you all have a wonderful time!


Another one bites the dust…

kids tv

What can I say? I’m a very emotional person! I cry during TV adverts sometimes, and I cannot sing a Christmas carol all the way through either – too many memories of school nativity plays perhaps? (Although, our kids never got the good parts, did they Nic?)

Still, poor old Bing Bong ( and his really annoying song). He deserved a better ending. From ‘Inside Out’, just in case you were wondering!


Ps Should mention that Peppa Pig also has a song titled “The Bing Bong Song”. Small world!