About us

CAZ by Carole and Steve Alexander

Hi, I’m Carole. Welcome to CAZ, our new comic strip. As you can probably guess from our names, Steve and I are a husband and wife team. I am the writer and Steve is the artist.

Previously I have had short stories and articles published, whilst Steve always wanted to be a cartoonist. He won awards in the 2013 and 2014 Adventures in Comics competitions, and also provides the artwork for some of our son James’ stories.




Steve and I have worked together on projects in the past, but this is our first long-term venture. People who know us will recognise the similarity between Caz’s family and our own, and will also be familiar with many of the topics and themes that I have used. Write what you know, as they say!

And finally, a special THANK YOU to our son James. He has provided all the lettering for the strips, even though he is busy compiling his on-line Sci-Fi comic anthology, ATOM JACKET. Check out James’ blog for progress reports:


Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to let us know what you think.

Carole x


Ps If you enjoyed Caz, please click on the link below vote for us at Topwebcomics. Thank you

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7 thoughts on “About us

  1. Carol, Steve, I had to come have a look at your site and I must say I enjoy your comics. It’s quite easy to relate to, and I suspect that’s why so many other good folks like them too. Also, I wanted to come by and thank you for deciding to follow me over at “The Attic.” All I can say is, I had no idea that J.K. Rowling’s blog addiction potion would work so well! šŸ˜€


    1. Hi Caz. Somehow my comment disappeared so I didn’t get a notification of your great reply. I thought I would just have a look in your about as you have a new post and, yay, a reply. Thank you so much for the follow and I am so pleased that you enjoyed the Christmas post. I love all yours. Ralph ā¤

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