Navigating a tricky situation…

Hire Care

What? I thought that was what the passenger seat was for- otherwise why do I always fall asleep the minute I sit in one?

Sadly we have not been on any jolly holidays but have been embroiled in the hell that is re-decorating the kitchen. Thankfully we have finished now- and without going anywhere near the divorce courts!

For anyone lucky enough to be going away- we hope you all have a wonderful time!


Another one bites the dust…

kids tv

What can I say? I’m a very emotional person! I cry during TV adverts sometimes, and I cannot sing a Christmas carol all the way through either – too many memories of school nativity plays perhaps? (Although, our kids never got the good parts, did they Nic?)

Still, poor old Bing Bong ( and his really annoying song). He deserved a better ending. From ‘Inside Out’, just in case you were wondering!


Ps Should mention that Peppa Pig also has a song titled “The Bing Bong Song”. Small world!