That’s a good cup of Joe!

Thats a good cup of joe

I made the mistake of asking this very question one day last year, when we were in a coffee shop. Thanks to the internet now being available everywhere, I was given a twenty minute lecture on the spot!

Apologies for our patchy posting schedule lately. January has decided that one horrible cold lasting for three weeks wasn’t enough, so we are now battling our way through the second one.



I know what I like…

I know what I like

Steve and I have very different agendas when we visit a museum or a gallery. Steve feels compelled to read EVERY word on display, no matter how long it takes. I, on the other hand am always working my way towards the restaurant, and of course, the gift shop! In the words of David Tennant’s Dr Who “Oh, they’ve got a shop!” Always the perfect way to finish the trip!

Caz is now nine months old! Long enough to have a baby, and there has indeed been a new baby added to the cast. Hopefully, Baby Jemma will make more appearances in the next few weeks.

Why is this so heavy?

Why is this so heavy

Ha, ha! This is such an exaggeration! I don’t have…I mean, I wouldn’t carry – well, I haven’t got a sewing kit that’s for sure! When the zombies attack, any buttons that fall off can stay off.

Ever since we started this comic strip, Steve has wanted an excuse to draw zombies. This is the closest we’ve managed to get so far, but keep your eyes peeled, I’m sure they will be sneaking in at some point!

Post Christmas Blues….

Post Christmas Blues

January can be a miserable month, so I often resort to old favourites such as the Harry Potter films to make me feel better. We all need a little magic in our lives at this time of the year.

Also, thank you to Silencekilledthedinosaurs, for nominating us for the Wakuwafu and Starlight Blogger Awards. It cheered us up, when we were both feeling very under the weather!