Dont look dont look

Who in the film industry decided that it would be a good idea to show the whole plot of a film in the trailer? Sometimes the film is ruined because you already know what is coming (Yes Terminator Genisys I mean you!), other times you don’t bother to go because you feel like you’ve already watched the movie!

Our six month anniversary!

Our six month anniversary

Yay! It’s our six month anniversary, and we’d like to say a big fat THANK YOU to our merry little band of Caz supporters.

We are grateful for all the comments, messages, retweets, fav’s, likes – and to any one who is kind to us on Reddit! We have now made 60 posts, and below are the ones that seem to have done the best.

This first list shows the 5 comic strips that got the most views from visitors to our site:

  1. Film Night
  2. I’ve got tickets (to somewhere exciting)
  3. Tired!
  4. On the beach
  5. Carry my bag

The second list shows the 5 that got the most likes from the WordPress bloggers:

  1. A good read
  2. Take a photo, take a photo!
  3. I must go
  4. Can you help me?
  5. Coffee!

As you can see, completely different top 5’s, which I guess reflects the different audiences that are reading our comic strip.

If you want to send a message you can find me on Twitter ( a lot, ok, I admit it!). If you want to see the bloke’s eye view of the partnership, Steve does all the comments on Reddit.

To all of you, Bloggers, Redditors, Twitterers (Tweeters?), friends, family and strangers that stumble across us on the internet, we hope you will keep reading and we will do our best to keep you entertained.

Carole and Steve